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Technical Training and Assistance for CFPCGP Applicants and Existing Grantees

Community Food Projects Competitive Grant Program


The CFPCGP’s Training and Technical Assistance (T&TA) provider, Third Sector New England is available to provide free one-on-one support to CFPCGP applicants and existing grantees.  When preparing to apply to this program, applicants are encouraged to consult the T&TA provider for support free of charge. 

If you have questions such us: (i) How to design a good project? (ii) How to communicate ideas to reviewers to improve success? (iii) How to make an application more competitive? Reach out to the program T&TA provider.

How to Contact T&TA provider

Third Sector New England is the T&TA Provider and can be reached as follows:

Office Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 PM Pacific Time


Phone: 971-801-8281

Website: Coming soon. The website will host templates, checklists, webinars, and other resources.

CFPCGP grantees are required to cooperate with the T&TA provider for the following services: 

  1. Attend Project Director (PD) meetings. 
  2. Share copies of all the NIFA required progress reports and final reports with T&TA provider annually for the life of the grant, for preparation of CFPCGP program annual report. 

CFPCGP grantees are also strongly encouraged to participate in the optional services provided by the T&TA provider including: 

  1. Technical assistance related to application preparation and, project development, etc. 
  2. Grant writing training as needed.
  3. Project design, and evaluation technical assistance. 
  4. Leadership/capacity development training as needed. 

Full list of T&TA Services Available 

  • Provide grantsmanship assistance for applicants to support them in developing competitive applications to improve success.
  • Aid in understanding the Request for Application (RFA), resources, and supporting applicants when submitting into 
  • Provide technical assistance to deepen understanding of the financial reporting requirements for post-award and prior approval processes as per award terms and conditions.
  • Assist applicants/grantees to create regional networks to strengthen relationships and opportunities for collaboration.
  • Assist planning projects grantees in developing competitive applications for implementation of CFP projects.
  • Provide leadership development workshops or resources to applicants and grantees.
  • Assist in evaluation and reporting to ensure high quality technical reports in NIFA reporting systems (NRS). 
  • Assess CFPGP outreach gaps and conduct outreach to increase awareness and understanding of CFPCGP in underserved states and communities.
  • Develop a fruitful annual CFPCGP project director meeting. This meeting will be attended annually by CFPCGP grantees and NIFA staff.
  • Develop a productive CFPCGP Conference as a learning and outreach event with open attendance to the CFPCGP community including non-grantees who are interested in community food projects work.
  • Compile project data from CFPCGP grantees to produce an annual report highlighting the impacts of the program on improving the access to nutritious foods and reducing food insecurity among limited resource communities. The report is to include the following headings: (i) CFPCGP’s outcomes, (ii) CFPCGP impacts, (iii) CFPCGP geographic reach and program outreach metrics, and (iv) T&TA impact data. 
  • T&TA services offered may include assistance in project development, grantsmanship training, project evaluation, leadership development, and/or assistance on a particular type of project, for example, youth farm enterprises, urban farms, community gardens, direct marketing, and farm-to-institution methods, or other services. Activities may also include, but are not limited to, telephone hotline, workshop training, peer to peer interaction, one on one training, curricula development, webinars, and/or videoconferencing.

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