The Research, Extension, and Education Project Online Reporting Tool (REEport) — NIFA’s primary grant reporting system— utilizes the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR), a standard progress report format that federal research agencies are required to use. The system collects technical and financial data about projects NIFA has funded and allows grantees to report significant accomplishments and impacts of their research, extension, and education work.

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Who uses the tool

Two groups use REEport: external grantees/partner institutions and internal NIFA staff. 1) External users include Project Directors who have received funding from NIFA and other staff at their institutions, such as Authorized Representatives (ARs), Site Administrators, and Financial Administrators. Project Directors are required to use REEport to submit initial project plan data in order to receive their funds and also for submitting annual accomplishments reports and final technical reports. 2) Internal users include NIFA staff who review and approve project data, ensuring proper technical language and scientific classifications have been included in reports, as well as high-quality accomplishments and impact statements.


REEport is accessed through the NIFA Reporting Portal. Upon logging into the Portal, users who have active accounts see a REEport link under “active applications”. Users may use the “reset password” link on the Portal login screen if they do not remember their password. Users who do not know if they have an active account but think they need to use REEport should email"

Consult the REEport Guide for Project Directors for instructions on submitting Project Initiations, Progress Reports, and Final Reports in REEport. You can also visit one of the pages listed below based on if you are affiliated with a Land Grant University or an Independent Institution. Users affiliated with a Land Grant University are defined as those who are part of a State Agricultural Experiment Station, Cooperative Extension, Veterinary Medicine, or Forestry school at an 1862 or 1890 Institution.

General Resources


  • Newsletters
  • Reporting Web Conferences
  • Sign up for the REEport listserv in order to get up-to-date information on system downtime, future development, new reporting requirements, and policy information. To subscribe to the email list, send an email to Skip your subject line and type subscribe REEportDeploy in the body of your message. Be sure you receive an email confirming your subscription.

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