VMLRP General Information

The General Information section is for anyone interested in the VMLRP. If you are interested in applying to the VMLRP after reading this section, you should visit the Applicants section.

About the VMLRP

Overview of the program, the legislative authority, and a list of Federal Register notices related to the VMLRP


List of terms pertaining to the VMLRP and a brief description for each term

Resources (coming soon)

Information for veterinarians, mentors, alumni of the program, and young individuals interested in a career as a veterinarian

Reports and Statistics

Reports with aggregate information about VMLRP applications, awards, and designated shortage situations for each fiscal year

Contact Us

Our contact information, including an email address, a fax number, and a mailing address


Explanation of how and why some of the VMLRP web pages offer links to Internet sites outside the USDA

Contact Information

For further information contact: VMLRP