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2016 AFRI and NIWQP Project Directors Meeting

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture hosted the FY2016 Agricultural and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) and the National Integrated Water Quality (NIWQP) Project Directors Meeting. 

The meeting brought together project directors, co-project directors, graduate students, and collaborators from the National Integrated Water Quality Program (NIWQP, FY2010-2014), the Agricultural and Food Research Initiative (AFRI), Water for Agriculture Challenge Area (FY2014-2015), AFRI Foundational RENRE (FY2011-2013) program, and AFRI Foundational BENRE (FY2014-FY2015) program. The meeting provided the opportunity for NIFA staff to interact with awardees and learn more about the success of their projects, identify outcomes, and learn about current research needs. It also provided the opportunity for awardees to get the most recent updates on program priorities and new programs.

This year, we had additional breakout sessions for more interaction and networking opportunity. We expect that the interaction among awardees provided the opportunity for collaboration that will help in the development of future NIFA awards.

2016 AFRI/NIWQP Meeting Presentations

2016 AFRI/NIWQP Abstract Book

Project Director Presentations
PD NameProject Title
Stephanie Pearl
Katelyn Sellers
Kelly Flynn
Communicating Your Impact Stories
Paul LeisnhamWatershed Diagnostics for Improved Adoption of Management Practices: Integrating Biophysical and Social Factors
Susan LoebLandscape-Scale Thresholds Of Early Successional Habitat: Reconciling Biodiversity, Public Perception, And Timber Yield In Managed Forests
Joel PazDownstream Water Quality and Quantity Impacts of Water Storage Systems in Porter Bayou Watershed
Patrick DrohanDeveloping a Web-based Forecasting Tool for Nutrient Management
Adina PaytanAssessing The Impact Of Agricultural Practices On Phosphorous Availability And Loss Using Oxygen Isotopes Of Phosphate In Soil
Forbes WalkerWatershed Scale Project in Oostanaula Creek
Eric KnappVariable Thinning Using Historical Stand Structure Data to Create Fire-Resilient Forests and Enhance Ecosystem Services in A Changing Climate
Wei ZhangPhysicochemical Controls On Transport of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals And Hormones To Surface Waters
Maureen McCarthyWater for Agriculture Challenge Area: Enhancing Climate Resiliency & Agriculture on American Indian Land
Jonathan WitterAn Integrated Approach to Foster Science-Based Management of Agricultural Drainage Channels in the Western Lake Erie Basin
Jonathan WinstenEnabling the Flow of Ecosystem Services from Agriculture to Improve Puerto Rico's Water Quality and Mitigate Global Climate Change
Chelcy Ford MiniatConsequences Of Stand Age And Structure On Forest Water Yield
Jeanette NortonFunctional and Molecular Diversity in Nitrogen Cycle Enzymes under Contrasting Agricultural Management Systems
Harold Van EsAdvancing Climate-Adaptive Decision Tools To Reduce Nutrient Pollution From Agricultural Fields
Garey FoxImplementation of In-Stream, Streambank and Riparian Practices in Conjunction with Upland Practices for Conservation of Water Resources
Edward KolodziejWater Quality Implications of Unique Transformation Processes of Synthetic Steroids Used As Agricultural Pharmaceuticals
John ReganHydrological-Microbial Interactions Controlling Landscape Phosphorus Mobility
Timothy GatesWater Quality and Productivity Enhancement in an Irrigated River Basin through Participatory Conservation Planning and Analysis
Kelly GroganInnovative Policies to Optimize the Allocation of Water Quality and Conservation Investments and Maximize Multiple Benefits
Nathan HowellA Water Quality Valuation Approach To Strategic Planning
Forbes WalkerIncreasing the Resilience of Agricultural Production in the Tennessee and Cumberland River Basins through More Efficient Water Resource Use
David KeiserThe Value of Water Quantity versus Quality: Assessing the Tradeoffs between Agricultural Yields and Downstream Uses of Water Resources
Michael O' NeillA Synthesis of the NIFA Water Portfolio (2000-2013)
ZhiQiang ChenNIFA-BARD Collaborative: Rapid Hydrophobicity Sensing and Computing through MAV-based Hyperspectral Imaging
Jennifer KushnerThinkWater II: Growing Knowledge to Solve Water Problems
Ashok MishraTowards a Near Real-time Agricultural Drought Monitoring and Forecasting
Marcel SchaapColloid Mobility in Soils, Fundamental Pore Scale Mechanisms, Simplifications and Practical Relevance for Risk Analysis
Larry HalversonImproved N Retention Through Plant-Microbe Interactions
Bongkeun SongUnveiling Fungal Contributions to Agricultural Soil Nitrogen Cycling Following Application of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers
Stephen ShawLake Ontario Basin Agriculture in the Coming Decades: Room for Expansion or Imminent Future Water Conflict
Julie ZillesNitrogen Emissions Associated With Nutrient Management Practices: Measurements, Modeling, And Microbial Communities
Jia HuLinking Topography, Changing Snow Regimes, Nitrogen Dynamics, And Forest Productivity
Inamdar ShreeramLarge Runoff Flux And Transformation of Particulate Nitrogen (Pn) Following Large Storms: A Critical But Unexplored Component Of N Cycling
Gary LovettImpacts Of Tree Species And Harvest Regimes on N Retention In Northeastern U.S. Forests
Erin CortusProcess-Based Nutrient Modeling Of Integrated Beef Cattle Finishing And Crop Production Systems In The Northern Great Plains
Robert AnexImproving Life-Cycle Nitrogen Use Efficiency And Environmental Performance Of Corn Production Through Improved Fertilizer Timing And Rate
Ruanbao ZhouN2-Fixing Cyanobacteria Harnessed For Biosolar Production Of Nitrofertilizer
Shreeram InamdarConference: Extreme Climate Event Impacts On Aquatic Biogeochemical Cycles And Fluxes
Marco Maneta LopezUnderstanding The Hydrologic and Socioeconomic Impacts of Water Use and Resource Allocation Under Different Climate and Policy Scenarios
Murinda SheltonAlgae For Conversion of Manure Nutrients to Animal Feed: Evaluation Of Advanced Nutritional Value, Toxicity, And Zoonotic Pathogens
Christine HatchFarms, Floods And Fluvial Geomorphology: Making The Most of Our Natural Resources
Paula ReesAdvancing Agricultural Water Security and Resilience Under Nonstationarity and Uncertainty: Evolving Roles Of Blue, Green And Grey Water.
Lance SchidemanCharacterizing The Fate And Transport Of Chemicals Of Emerging Concern (CEC's) From Animal Manures During Waste To Energy Processes
Xia KangFate CEC' in Animal Manure Amended Soils-Soil Processes
Morra MathewChemicals of Emerging Concern in the Eastern Snake River Plain of Idaho:  A Threat to Irrigated Agriculture, Dairy, and Aquaculture?
Jane FrankenbergerManaging Water for Increased Resiliency of Drained Agricultural Landscapes
Prem ParajuliEvaluation Of Downstream And Ecosystem Water Quality And Quantity Through Targeting Conservation Practices In Mississippi
Reagan WaskomMoving Forward on Agricultural Water Conservation in the Colorado River Basin
Michael StricklandInteractions Between Antibiotic Resistance In Soil Microbial Communities And Coupled Elemental Cycles
Kelly MorganSmart Phone Apps: Scientific Validation Quantification of Water Conservation
Mazdak ArabiImproved Assessment of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fate and Transport for Irrigated Agricultural Watersheds in Semi-Arid Regions
Jon BartholicAn Integrative Decision Support System for Managing Water Resources under Increased Climate Variability
Michael DietzExpanding Consumer and Community Water Protection Efforts Through Innovative and Integrated Mobile Technologies
Rodrigo VargasCoupling Solid-Aqueous-Gas Phases Of Carbon And Nitrogen Across Topographic Gradients And Extreme Weather Events
Timothy StrathmannBiological and Biologically Mediated Abiotic Transformation of Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Anaerobic Soils
KG KarthikeyanMulti-Scale Investigation of Winter Runoff and Nutrient Loss Processes in Actively Managed Dairy Agroecosystems
Mamo MarthaGrazing Management Effect on Micro- and Macro-Scale Fate of Carbon and Nitrogen in Rangelands
Thomas IsenhartDenitrification within Saturated Riparian Buffers Re-designed to Remove Nitrate from Artificial Subsurface Drainage
Daniel StrawnSeed Grant To Determine Molecular Speciation Of Phosphorus In Soils From A Long-Term Dairy Manure Amendment Trial In Idaho
Richard SchultzProcesses Controlling the Source, Movement, and Release of Soil Phosphorus in Midwestern Streams from Pasture and Crop Land
Zhulu LinSoil Health and Water Quality Impacts of Growing Energy Beets for Advanced Biofuel Production in North-Central United States
Thomas BorchBiogeochemical Iron Cycling in Subalpine Wetlands with Different Hydraulic Connectivity: Impact on Fate and Transport of Organic C and N
Samir KhanalNitrogen Transformations in Aquaponic Systems
Bruce VasilasColloid Mobilization and Biogeochemical Cycling of Organic Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorous in Wetlands
Michael CastellanoIntegrating Soil Carbon Stabilization Concepts and Nitrogen Cycling
Timothy GriffisRegional-Scale Assessment of N2O Emissions within the US Corn Belt: The Impact of Precipitation and Agricultural Drainage on Indirect Emissions
Deb JaisiApplication of phosphate oxygen isotope ratios to detect sources and cycling of phosphorus in the White Creek, a Chesapeake Bay Watershed
Krista JacobsenToward Sustainable Nitrogen and Carbon Cycling on Diversified Horticulture Farms Serving Community Food Systems
Daniel BuckleyImpacts of Nitrogen Deposition on Microbial Community Carbon Dynamics in Forest Soils
Alan FranzluebbersBiologically Based Fertilizer Recommendations to Meet Yield Expectations and Preserve Water Quality
Aleksey SheshukovMeasuring Success of Targeted BMP Implementation, and Getting Smarter about Ephemeral Gully Sediment and Nutrient Sources and BMPs
Sara McMillanImpact of Agricultural Stream Restoration on Riparian Hydrology and Biogeochemistry

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