AFRI Education and Workforce Development

The AFRI Education and Workforce Development Program (formerly the AFRI Food, Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Human Sciences Education and Literacy Initiative) focuses on developing the next generation of research, education, and extension professionals in the food and agricultural sciences. The program educates professionals to lead agriculture into the future by solving current and future challenges facing our society.

General Information

The AFRI Education and Workforce Development Program (EWD) addresses projected shortfalls of qualified graduates in the agricultural, food, and renewable natural resources sectors of the U.S. economy. Thus, the AFRI EWD has three overarching goals:

  1. Enhancing Agricultural Literacy: Offers institutional grants for in-service training, which will provide K-14 teachers and administrators with increased knowledge of food and agricultural science disciplines and career opportunities, and help them to develop improved curricula to enhance agricultural literacy.
  2. Developing Pathways: Promotes research and extension learning experiences for undergraduates such that upon graduation they may enter the agricultural workforce with exceptional skills. These opportunities will help students develop the critical thinking, problem solving, digital competency, international experiences, and communication skills needed for future employment and/or higher education.
  3. Advancing Science: Prepare the next generation of scientists and professionals through graduate and postdoctoral fellowships. The aim of these fellowships is to cultivate future leaders who are able to solve emerging agricultural challenges of the 21st century.

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