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Science Emphasis Areas Portfolios

The following Science Emphasis Areas portfolios are focused on supporting NIFA’s vision, mission and priorities. They were configured based on program groupings under NIFA’s priorities and organizational structure. 

Agroclimate Science

This portfolio supports transformational discovery, learning and outreach programs that advance the development and delivery of agricultural science and optimizes sustainable management, production, utilization and consumption of goods and services from working lands under a variable and changing climate.


This portfolio supports advances in crop development, coordinated logistics, near-term commercialization in conversion technologies and products, modeling the improvement of maintaining environmental services, and evaluating social prosperity for rural communities.

Education and Multicultural Alliances

This portfolio provides leadership and administrative guidance to education grant and formula programs that serve secondary and postsecondary institutions that invest in students and institutions which promote national and global well-being in the food and agriculture science systems.

Environmental Systems

This portfolio supports scientific research, education and extension that involves air, water, soil, natural resources, and biodiversity in order to advance the sustainability of agricultural, forest, and range production systems.

For additional information or copies of the portfolio annual reports, please contact Eric Norland.

Family and Consumer Sciences

This portfolio supports the human and social dimensions of food and agricultural sciences.

Food Safety

This portfolio ensures a safe and high quality food supply through funding of research, education, and extension activities and efforts by partners and stakeholders; sets national priorities; and provides guidance, management and oversight of these activities.

For additional information or copies of the portfolio annual reports, please contact Hongda Chen.

Human Nutrition

This portfolio develops the research base for guidance on diet and physical activity and develops and implements effective educational and environmental strategies to improve the Nation’s health by providing leadership for strong research, education and extension.

Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems

This portfolio addresses human interaction between science, technology, and agriculture. It also integrates the biological, physical, and environmental and socioeconomic factors essential to successful production enterprises and viable rural communities.

Youth Development

This portfolio advances research-based youth development and 4-H through the science of engagement, learning and change to create a better future for our nation and the world.

For additional information or copies of the portfolio annual reports, please contact Primary Contact CIP.

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