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NIFA’s Food and Nutrition Security Webinar Series

Join USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) for its Food and Nutrition Security Webinar Series. The series features speakers across a range of backgrounds and disciplines as they lead discussions about NIFA relevant approaches to advancing food and nutrition security through research, education, and extension.


As explained on our Food and Nutrition Security Topic Page, NIFA recognizes nutrition as a cost-effective approach to address many of the societal, environmental, and economic issues faced across the globe today. NIFA works to ensure a safe, nutritious, and secure food supply while also developing, delivering, and disseminating evidence-based nutrition education and promotion to prevent chronic diseases, improve health, and prioritize nutrition security. 

NIFA partners with the Land-Grant University System and government, private, and non-profit organizations to support science. Our agency also invests in developing nutrition scientists across all stages of professional development to use an integrated approach to prioritizing nutrition security and ensuring sustainable agricultural systems through research, education, and extension. NIFA invests more than $129 million in research, education, extension, and innovation to advance USDA’s goal to tackle food and nutrition insecurity. 

Launched in June 2021, NIFA uses our NIFA Food and Nutrition Security Webinar Series to shine light on our integrated approach through research, education, and extension to advance food and nutrition security. We are also using this series to learn from external stakeholders’ working this area and hear from our webinar attendees how we can further our efforts to tackle food and nutrition insecurity. We invite anyone interested in learning more about NIFA’s efforts in food and nutrition security to register for upcoming webinars, or view past recordings.

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